Drug Free Holistic Health Care: Acupuncture and Homeopathy with Jolinda Rockett, Camden, Maine

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Mary had a 3rd cardiac stent to repair a 70% blockage but "...immediately after the stent was inserted she had a horrific migraine headache. For the next 2 weeks the migraines continued. She went to see Jolinda who immediately dimmed the lights. She painlessly inserted two acupuncture needles in Mary's legs and one in her hand. Mary said she could feel the grip of the migraine letting go! She left with no pain! It has been like a miracle. If you have migraines you know what they can do to you. All we can say is "Wow"

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Acupuncture and Homeopathy

If your health problems hold you back,

act now and grab a full and wholesome life. 

I bring years of experience to the treatment room employing old and new cutting-edge skills that bring relief and start you on your way.
I'm Jolinda Rockett and I've been providing
drug-free holistic health care since 1986.

My background includes intensive care nursing (RN,
BSN Univ. of Texas), licensed acupuncturist (MAc,
NCCAOM Dipl) and homeopathy (CCH candidate).
My practice includes people of all ages. You will be
treated according to your unique condition. This
means the treatment will be tailored just for you.

My office is easy to reach and wheelchair accessible.
Not in my area? Homeopathy by telephone is the answer.

Telephone consultations and follow-ups are your best way to embark on your new journey, no matter where you live.

Call our office. Let's talk. You can tell me
about your specific questions and goals.

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You are sick,
not feeling well
You have trouble moving or you experience pain
You find stress makes it difficult to experience the joy of life
Your energy is low, sleep is poor

You want the most effective and gentle care so you may begin living your whole life now.


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